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We are always accepting job applications, whether we are hiring for that particular position or not.  Please feel free to click on the employment application for the state you are interested in applying for and email it to us for consideration.

We are always looking for caring individuals to join our work family for Indiana as well as Michigan. There are multiple ways to apply to work with us. You can download and fill out our application form below, you can click on our website application link or you can go to Indeed and review job postings and submit your application and resume there as well.



Employment is subject to many conditions, including but not limited to the following:

  • an applicant fully completing all required application paperwork

  • successfully passing any job-specific competency tests, skill assessments, and training

  • a thorough, clear criminal background check, random drug/alcohol testing, and reference checks (both personal and professional)

  • verification of past employment history and performance, educational achievement and/or certification or licensure, and proof of identity and eligibility to work


Our jobs are also currently listed on the Indeed platform and you can find commonly asked questions as well as details on multiple positions. Feel free to click on the link below and apply directly via Indeed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Webpage Application

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